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As in any other area, success in brokerage depends directly on clear and efficient communication. In this sense, knowing how to listen to your customers, mastering the subject and tailoring your speech to each listener are just some of the necessary attitudes.

There are other habits that you can also acquire to ensure successful communication. To help you, lahore smart city have listed 5 steps to make you an excellent communicator in no time. Prepared? Then read on and write it down!

1. Be polite

Many people end up confusing the concepts of formality and politeness in business, but this is the first step towards genuinely successful communication.

As much as the customer is friendly and willing to close a deal, he certainly considers education in communication – whether live, via phone, email, or apps. And, believe me, this directly influences your choice, because it affects the perception of credibility that he will have about you. So, police yourself!

2. Focus on the goal

The second step has more to do with common sense than with communication itself. As much as you are good at talking and captivating customers, remember that sometimes it is more important to be concise and objective, to clarify customer doubts and close deals more quickly.

Being too wordy can leave people in doubt, and communication, which was meant to convince, may end up repelling the customer. So be careful and focus on the goal when starting a conversation.

3. Be careful with schedules

This topic refers to remote communication, in which, generally, there are no previously stipulated times. If you are going to communicate with your customer via chat or app, be careful not to start a conversation too soon or too late, unless he talks to you first.

It is also important to avoid weekends and holidays, unless there is an emergency and the conversation is urgent. Otherwise, this will not only be uncomfortable for the customer, but it will also give an air of desperation for the closing of the sale.

4. Observe the posture for successful communication

Do not forget that non-verbal language is a factor of great importance when communicating. Eye contact, hand gestures and body posture all influence and help to build the image of a confident or insecure broker. So pay attention to the way you behave in front of the customer.

When on the phone, remember something that call center operators have known for a long time: whoever is on the other end of the line always knows when we are smiling. So, act in a positive way and it will show in your voice!

5. Use new technologies

Keeping up with new technologies is essential to keep communication clear. Remember that we live in an era of immediacy, so, whenever an application becomes a trend, people start to dominate its use in a short time.

To show your clients that you are also on the inside – which is essential for real estate agents – use WhatsApp, Skype and whatever is most modern in terms of communication.

This, in addition to providing a successful communication, also helps to convey a modern and tuned image to your client portfolio.

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