Family investment

The situation of most people is not easy: the economic situation does not favor and, many times, we adopt habits that end up undermining our nest egg.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and act intelligently. With a few simple tips, you can have good results in terms of investment and family planning, ensuring more peaceful days. Want to know the best tips to achieve this? Check it out in the following post:

Talk to your family

The first tip for not even thinking about family investment could be another: talk to your family. If you decide to settle your finances, but you have communication with your spouse and children, it will be something like wiping ice. Cutting superfluous, avoiding debts (especially on the card), minimizing waste and even simple actions like turning off the light or reducing the time spent in the shower can all contribute. In this way, you create a gap in the budget, which can become a good investment in the future. Awareness of all is essential.

Invest in real estate

The real estate market in Brazil has undergone an immense change in recent years and more people have come to see how this type of investment can be profitable and interesting. There was a great appreciation of houses and apartments, making many people make good profits from it. But, as it is not a really cheap investment, you must be very careful.

First, we must do a lot of research before we even make an offer. For those who do not have the total amount of the purchase, financing is an alternative. Most of the time, banks allow you to finance 75% of the total value of the property, leaving you with 25% down payment. At CrediPronto you can finance up to 90% of the property value. The value of the installments cannot exceed 30% of the family income and many institutions have reduced interest rates recently, making this option even more attractive.

After closing the contract, you can already use the property and, contrary to what many think, there is no need to finalize the financing if you want to sell the asset: just transfer the balance due from the financing to the buyer.

Settle your appointments on time

Do everything to settle appointments on time. The ideal is to start paying the most expensive debts because they will usually be the ones with the highest rates and then move on to the lowest. It is also necessary to evaluate what is cost and what is a family investment. Expenses with schools and college, for example, should be considered investments, as the person is improving his / her training. Already changing cars every year or having a very expensive cable TV package is just an expense, since it does not add any value or bring better prospects for the future. Reevaluate everything and review your priorities.


If you are in debt, it is essential to pay these bills in order to escape interest and abusive fees. As creditors end up taking years to receive from many debtors, they will have a desire to pocket your money as soon as possible, which can give you bargaining power. Therefore, renegotiating can really be a great idea: speak directly to the person responsible for the collection. Some may offer great conditions for immediate payments. If it is not possible to pay in cash, consider installment payments, but be careful not to get lost and end up creating even more debt.

With determination and discipline, it is possible to have more precise planning that allows you to make the best family investment for your profile. Did you like the content? Did you have any questions? Write to us in the comments!

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