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Rustic farm operations are presented as an alternative to buying urban homes. The main reason is that, unlike these, rural housing has not suffered so abruptly from speculation, being a safe haven in the face of a real estate crisis.

Buying a rural house can be a safer investment than other types of properties because it is usually more profitable and because its price, although it fluctuates, evolves in a more controlled way, and the risk of losing money in the operation is lower.

In addition, the offer of rural properties is high and it is possible to find an opportunity that suits your budget.

Why invest in rural housing?

The purchase of rural houses has become an alternative to the acquisition of urban flats for different reasons. One of the most important is that, when the real estate market is healthy, investment options are sought outside of traditional real estate agency Sky Marketing.

The increase in the sale of rural houses also has other causes:

  • On the one hand, the rise of rural tourism, which means that these operations are seen as business opportunities, especially if the intention is to reform them to sell or rent as tourist or vacation accommodation.
  • On the other hand, more and more people are opting for a lifestyle based on environmentalism and contact with nature, which prompts them to buy a house in the country to settle there.

Some of the main advantages of investing in rural housing are:


When we buy a house in a rural environment it is common to find solar systems to obtain heating or aces.

If we have to make a reform, it is advisable to bid for energy systems that allow us to save money and that are respectful of the environment. Investing in healthy housing is always a good decision since energy efficiency increases the value of the property.

Quality of life

Clean air, silence, contact with nature, … Rural homes offer a better quality of life, independence and rest, and are perfect to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Careful design

Many people dream of living in a rustic or vintage-style home. If this is your case, a rural house will give you the opportunity to fulfill your wish.

Rural housing design has its own specialty within interior design. Whether you are going to buy a rural tourism house, or if you want a rural home as a second home, we advise you to take care of every detail. When selling or renting, aesthetics and the use of spaces will be key to get a good offer and recover your investment.

Revaluation (almost) assured

Rural houses are a good investment. If you want to allocate the property to tourist accommodation, you can get profitability from the first moment. In addition, with the passage of time and if your house is in good condition, its value will increase.

How is a rural house different from a rural tourist accommodation?

Rural housing can be a profitable business overall. But if your goal is to buy a rural house to sell the property or to rent it as a vacation home, you must first take into account some factors.

For example, it is important that you inform yourself about the tourist value of the area to ensure that you can amortize your purchase. You must also quantify the investment that you will have to make, whether you will use the house as a second residence or if you want to rent it.

If your objective is to rent, you must be clear about the difference between a rural house and a rural tourist accommodation. It is easy to confuse these concepts because, in principle, both offer short stays in rural areas with agricultural, forestry, fishing, and/or livestock development, or in population centers with few inhabitants.


The main difference between a rural house and rural tourist accommodation is that the former is a business activity and the latter is an operation of a privately owned property. Therefore, the former is not registered as residential property, but as a business, while the latter has residential use and individual property.


Obligations also change. The owners of a rural house must be registered with Social Security and declare the economic returns of their activity, while the owners of a rural tourist accommodation only declare their real estate income.


On the other hand, the rural houses not only offer accommodation but also offer guests services such as breakfast, cleaning, activities in the environment, etc. Remember that, unlike urban hotels, where guests tend to be out during the day and come back just to rest, rural tourism houses are places to spend time and do activities.

In addition, if you buy a rural house to set up a business, you should know that, as with hotels, there is a system of “stars” to assess their facilities and services, and customers are usually quite demanding in this regard.

Profitability of buying a rural tourism house

Having a second residence in the mountains or in a rural environment is something more and more common and is one of the most demanded investments.

The reasons are many. To begin with, prices are competitive and the growth of rural leisure is a reality, so buying a rural house can be a good option to invest, especially in charming areas such as the Pyrenees or in the northern regions of Spain (La Rioja, Navarra, Basque Country, Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia).

These communities have a more established “rural” real estate market, but they are also more expensive. By contrast, Extremadura, Castilla y León or Castilla-La Mancha are regions where rural housing is cheaper.

But who is really interested in buying a rural house? For starters, anyone who wants to start a business with these characteristics. Also, to people with moderate savings who want to invest in brick outside the conventional (urban housing, garages, commercial premises, etc.).

In both cases, to assess the profitability of your investment you will have to do a study on whether the home needs improvements. If you buy a rural house that is already in operation, you will avoid the works and you will only have to do the necessary procedures to convert it into a hotel, a home for commercial purposes or a second residence. If, on the other hand, you want to buy an old rural house, you will have to make reforms and invest money.

In any case, and according to data from the INE, more and more people choose rural accommodation to enjoy their vacations, so buying a rural tourism house may be a good idea. Everything will depend on the location of the property and the ability of its owners to manage it, promote it and offer attractive activities.

Aid to buy a rural house

If you are interested in buying a rural tourism house, the 2018-2021 Housing Plan includes aid for the acquisition and/or rehabilitation of single-family homes in rural areas.

These grants are aimed primarily at young people and focus on buying rural housing in towns with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants.

The maximum price for the acquisition is 100,000 euros, and the aid limit is 20%, with a maximum of 10,800 euros per home. Its objective is to promote urban and rural rehabilitation and regeneration for people who want to settle in rural settings.

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