The time has come to invest and put your property for rent. Good idea. Better yet, if you pay attention to some details that can facilitate the process of finding a tenant more quickly. Remember that he is not just going to visit your home. That is why it is so important to leave the environment in the best possible conditions. The first impression counts a lot, you know. And with the help of Habitissimo, you will leave your property ready to win over visitors.

Order and Progress

The first action to be taken is to check that everything is in order: appliances, lighting, plugs and taps. Check the condition of the furniture, floor, walls and ceiling. If there is leakage or infiltration. If you need paint or varnish. Broken appliances are just objects occupying an empty space and giving the impression of carelessness. Finally, do not forget to leave the environment clean and with a good aroma to receive those interested.

People will rent your property, not your home.

People have completely different styles, tastes and behaviors. So the less personal items you have on the premises and the less impersonal the decor, the better. Your future tenant will love to know that he can give his touch to the property. If you can’t remove the furniture, change its layout to create wider spaces.

The power of intimacy

Toilets represent people’s intimacy. Therefore, leaving them well cared for is essential to gain the sympathy of their tenant candidates once and for all. Place new towels, eliminate signs of moisture, change the toilet lid if it is old or broken, and check that the showers are working well and that the water pressure is normal. Even mirrors should receive special attention if they are stained or broken.

Keeping an eye on the room

It is logical that no one will rent a property if the rooms are of the type to sleep. Leave everything clean, as if you were going to sleep there that night. If you leave the bed and the mattress, check that everything is in order: the bed without noise and the mattress without deformations and strong smells. Place new bedding and pillows. And if you can, put soundproof windows. The idea is for the tenant not to lose sleep, remember?

Care for bureaucracy

What is the use of delighting the interested parties, if there are contract problems when closing the rent? Keep everything organized, well explained and make a rental agreement in accordance with the laws of your city. Make it clear which expenses and fees are your responsibility and which are the tenants. If you can, inform the monthly average of the property’s expenses such as water, electricity, gas and taxes.

The famous “plus a mais”

Taking all these precautions above mentioned by Blue World City, your property is already on the wish list of most people who intend to rent. But as the market is very competitive, some differentials can help make your space at the top of the list. A new and tidy facade is a beautiful business card. A gourmet area on the veranda is the dream of ten out of ten people looking for an apartment. A security system installed in a house counts millions of points in favor.

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