Virtual reality apps

The technology already assists brokers in countless ways. Through smartphones, for example, contact with customers is made with more simplicity and agility: a few clicks are enough to send information to the consumer through your favorite communication channel.

Already sales and property rental sites extend the reach of ads. In this type of platform, people are able to evaluate several properties quickly, making a perfect choice more easily. In addition, a property’s financing conditions can be simulated quickly, ensuring that the client will go to the broker ready to sign the sales contract.

In this scenario, virtual reality also comes into play. One of the main trends in IT in recent years, this technology has revolutionized the way people value real estate. Find out more in today’s post!

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technology that allows the visualization of digital content with a high degree of immersion. It has a set of devices that increase the degree of realism when a person visualizes something, giving him the impression that his body is within the scene.

The contents made for virtual reality are displayed through special glasses. These devices have sensors to detect the movements of the head, two lenses to create high definition content for the eyes, and equipment to create the images (which can be a cell phone, which will be attached to the glasses, or a computer, which transmits the images). Images to the device by means of wires).

How virtual reality apps make it easier to sell real estate

Virtual reality glasses are revolutionizing the real estate buying experience. This technology allows people to know all aspects of a property in depth without having to go to it. In addition, apartments and houses that are not yet ready can be viewed as if they were ready, which increases the chances of a potential purchase becoming a guaranteed sale.

Once the property is mapped, the broker can now start showing it to his clients. The virtual tour works similarly to the use of Google Street View: the contents are displayed as the person directs the focus of their gaze, and additional information about the residence can appear dynamically on the screen, further improving the quality of the visit.

Converting potential buyers in an innovative way

Virtual reality has gained strength in recent years, being used mainly in digital games. But, given the potential of this technology, the corporate environment embraced this trend and began to see in VR glasses a chance to reach more consumers and generate new sources of revenue.

With virtual reality, brokers are able to serve a larger number of people through a richer and more interactive experience. There is no need to wait for a building to be ready to show, in real size, its dimensions: a 3D construction made digitally can be displayed directly on the screen of VR glasses as if the house was already made.

Thus, customers are able to make the right choice without fear of making mistakes. And all without even going to the place where the property is!

What did you think of virtual reality? Do you intend to use this technology in your work environment to simplify your sales routine? Share the post on your Facebook with your answer!

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