The real estate business is one of the most demanding relationships with customers, as the success of real estate sales depends on it. After all, offering good prices and making the right emotional appeal – which will lead many consumers to purchase their own home – usually requires research, interaction and convincing strategies on the part of brokers.

However, one of the problems that hinder the sales of these professionals, especially the future ones, resides in the after-sales, which is usually neglected. To avoid this, understand what post-sale is and how to execute it correctly!

What is after-sales?

Post-sales involves marketing activities carried out after the closing of a sale or the execution of a service. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty and cultivate a healthy relationship that enables new sales in the future, in addition to gaining your referrals about the product/service purchased for your contacts.

It also includes satisfaction surveys, service techniques, maintenance and repair services, promotions, special offers, sending gifts, among other actions.

What are the main after-sales strategies used?

The main after-sales strategies used by real estate brokers and companies in the area involve:

  • Loyalty Marketing (Loyalty Marketing), which includes loyalty programs aimed at rewarding customers following criteria such as purchase value, length of the relationship, number of referrals, etc.
  • use of networks and social media to get closer to consumers, find out how they are doing with the properties, whether they have met their expectations, etc. It also makes it possible to establish more affective bonds and find potential contacts thanks to the networks of customer relationships and the marketing resources of these means;
  • Reward or reward consumers on holidays (such as Christmas, Easter and New Year) or special dates (such as birthdays and births of children) with small gifts, discounts, conditions facilitated to purchase other properties, etc.
  • Constantly inform customers about news in the sector that can be positive, such as expectations of appreciation of the property purchased, insurance or services with reduced prices, etc. It is important to keep in touch, whether by phone, e-mail or in-person (which shows greater interest and even concern for the well-being of buyers);
  • Use tools that facilitate post-sale relationship management, such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

What is the impact of after-sales on the success of your work as a broker?

The great impact of after-sales strategies is on improving the relationship with the customer, who starts to see the business or broker as a friend, someone who cares about their needs and requirements.

The chances of loyalty increase significantly so that new sales can be made to the same customer or thanks to your intervention (indication for contacts). This is vital in the real estate industry, in which items sold (real estate) tend to have high values, making transactions and negotiations and, consequently, convincing more difficult.

By putting together a good after-sales plan with effective strategies, it will be possible not only to improve your future sales to the same audience but also to expand your range of action to more people, thanks to the recognition obtained from current customers. In times when information flows quickly thanks to the web and technological devices, this can be very advantageous.

Now you know what post-sales is and how it can be decisive in your sales strategies. How about sharing this information on your social networks so that your contacts can also discover it?

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